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Youth-Led Funding: Building a Brighter Future in the Scottish Borders

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs and Changemakers Across Our Region

Who are we?

We are the Borders Youth-LAG, a group of young people aged 14 to 26 who live, work or study in the Scottish Borders. The Youth-LAG was set up to distribute ‘Community led local decision making’ funds. We are responsible for granting £25,000 of funding to young people in the Scottish Borders which will further our priorities.

Our priorities

Who we've funded

We’re buzzing about the response to our call for applications for a slice of the £25,000 Borders Youth-LAG fund.

Our team carefully looked over every single application, and we were blown away by the fantastic ideas coming from the young people across the Scottish Borders.

Thank you to everyone who applied, we wish we could have funded all your projects.

It was a tough call, but after a lot of thinking, we’re excited to announce that we’ve supported 20 individuals and groups. These projects really showcase how creative, talented, and entrepreneurial young people are in our region, and how they help bring communities together.

Borders Youth-LAG Fund - Successful Applicants

Create a youth-led business enterprise to develop skills and raise funds.

Funding: £1,100

Build and sell firepits.

Funding: £1,100

Purchase a kiln for their pottery and craft group.

Funding: £2,000

To start self-employment as a health and exercise coach and attend a training course.

Funding: £1,000

Litter picking equipment for the skatepark. Funding: £805

Purchase a camera for her YouTube channel to expand her self help guide.

Funding: £805 

Resources and activities for a Wednesday lunch time group. Funding: £300
To create a youth-led business enterprise to develop skills and raise funds. Funding: £1,944.30
Music recording equipment to release an album. Funding: £1,000
Projector equipment for e-sports group within his youth group. Funding: £1,016.61
Sensory items for Borders Recovery Group. Funding: £999.95
Rehearsal equipment for band practice at their youth group. Funding: £1,996.37
Develop and distribute mindfulness and self help guide for other young people. Funding: £1,000
Resources for her Scottish Country Dancing group and performances. Funding: £1,000
Equipment to develop her balloon business. Funding:£1,000
Refurbish her primary school library. Funding: £1,784.21
Board game events. Funding: £1,614
Resources and activities for her youth group. Funding: £811.62
Ice Hockey Equipment for his club. Funding: £1,000